Follow Up on Injured Huntley Bus Driver

It’s no secret that Huntley School Board President Shawn Green is a close friend of Huntley school district Chief Operations Officer Glenn Stewart.

He is a consistent defender of Stewart’s decisions.

After all, Stewart is a former District 158 school board member. Stewart is Green’s and the board majority’s inside guy.

Take a look at this email from Green to Superintendent John Burkey and the Board of Education members.

It refers to a serious electrical injury to a bus driver that has required days of hospitalization:

“John- This type of thing is not board business, and therefore I wouldn’t expect to be notified. I don’t imagine a village board gets notified every time a police officer, firefighter, etc., gets injured on duty.”

Could it be that when an employee gets severely shocked by electricity and is in the hospital for many days, Green has no interest in knowing about it or if unsafe work conditions caused the employee to be hurt?

He couldn’t be trying to convey either of those two thoughts.

Being a suburban police officer, Green’s department undoubtedly has procedures for reporting and investigating serious on-the-job injuries.

We know that when Chicago policemen gets shot, for instance, we even hear it on the news.

No special reporting to the aldermen is necessary because the media are all over such events.

Not so in McHenry County.

Fights occur at school that taxpayers don’t read about.

Maybe one of the Heralds will report on the serious electric cord mishap to the Huntley school bus driver on Friday.

My guess is that the accident in question is serious enough to require a report to OSHA, the federal job safety agency.

I don’t know about Green, but, if I were on a governing board, I would be interested in accidents that serious.

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Thanks to the commenter below for an update on the bus driver’s condition:

“Question? Someone’s life was seriously altered because of this incident, and all you can say is brainless comments about a board member!

“My prayers go out to this employee who was a wonderful bus driver to my children, and with a bit of luck she recovers with no long term side effects.

“For the record thou she was released, and is no longer in the hospital, but still is experiencing serious complications.

“Also interesting enough all of the power cords that were laying in water, ice, and snow were removed today, merely more than one entire week after the incident.

“I am not so overconfident of these administrators’ actions that were so punctually and discreetly executed to secure the lives of the employees that transport our children, but what the heck; they weren’t plugging the buses in everyday, were they?”

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