Island Lake Trustee Rich Garling Challenges State Rep. Mark Beaubien

Who’s that fun-loving guy taking my picture at the McHenry County Democratic Central Committee meeting where 16th district congressional candidate Robert Abboud spoke?

It’s Rich Garling, Island Lake Trustee, a McHenry County Democratic Party precinct committeeman, taking a photograph of me as I take a picture of him right after Abboud finished.

Retired postal union official Robert Kaempfe is running against State Rep. Mike Tryon (R-Crystal Lake). Tryon is the consensus candidate for chairman of the McHenry County Republican Central Committee.

During the primary election, Democrat Kaempfe got more votes than Tryon.

In McHenry County’s western and northern district, State Rep. Jack Franks is on the ballot unchallenged by any Republican candidate for the second race in a row. That lack of even a token GOP opponent allows the legislator, who has statewide ambitions, to help Democrats elsewhere in Illinois.

Below is the press release:

Island Lake Trustee Announces
Race for State Representative

Island Lake, March 3 – Today, Rich Garling, an Island Lake Trustee, announced his candidacy for election to the Illinois General Assembly 52nd District. Garling, a longtime Democrat and resident of Island Lake, said that he feels that it is time for a change in representation for the people of the 52nd District.

Garling, who is also a former member of the Dekalb County Board, feels that skyrocketing property taxes are the most important issue to the people of the 52nd District. Garling believes that if the State of Illinois pays its fair share of education dollars, we can help relieve the burden to local taxpayers. “We have become overly reliant on property taxes for the way we fund our local public schools,” stated Garling. “Fiscal discipline is an idea Springfield needs to relearn.” He assured voters that “I will use my business and local government background to change this broken system.”

In particular, seniors living on fixed incomes should not have to worry about rising property taxes driving them out of their homes, Garling believes.

“I strongly support assessment freezes for qualified seniors, the disabled, military veterans and personnel currently serving on active duty” 

vowed Garling.

Our community also deserves the best schools, teachers and educational programs, Garling said.

“Our society thrives when we have an educated populace. We all suffer when resources are mismanaged. As your state Representative, I will advocate for an increase in state school funding in the 52nd District,” 

Garling said.

In addition, Garling realizes that efficient roads and safety are important concerns to everyone in the 52nd District.

“Many of our communities struggle to fund road improvement projects to handle our ever-increasing population growth. I will work hard to bring more state and federal money to improve roads and relieve gridlock,” 

said Garling.

As Chairman of Economic Development for Island Lake, Garling understands how to retain and attract businesses here in Lake/McHenry County. Growing businesses and well-paying, sustainable jobs are essential to the economic vitality of the region and contribute to the local tax base.

“We should encourage companies to move to our area. they should not have to worry about being slapped with exorbitant fees or having to navigate unreasonable bureaucratic obstacles,” 

Garling declared.

Environmental protection is also a top priority for Garling and is essential to maintaining our parks, wetlands and other natural resources.

“I understand the importance of expanding recycling and energy efficiency programs for homes and businesses, and helping ensure everyone in our area has access to a safe, clean water supply. By supporting initiatives like The Metropolitan Mayors Caucus Greenest Region Compact or the Cool Cities Compacts we can work towards keeping our environment clean and healthy for generations to come,” 

he said.

Rich Garling is 52 years old and has lived in Island Lake for 19 years, serving as trustee since his election in 2007. He served on the Dekalb County Board from 1980 – 82. His business career has included leadership positions in sales & marketing and in computer systems. More detailed information on his positions can be found at

The 52nd District represents voters in McHenry, Lake and Cook Counties and covers all or parts of the municipalities of Island Lake, Port Barrington, Lakemoor, Wauconda, Barrington, Round Lake, Bull Valley, Cary, Prairie Grove, Lake Barrington, Johnsburg, Fox Lake and Fox River Grove.

Since no candidate ran for this office in the February Primary, Garling will seek the support of Party Chairs in the three counties to be caucused into the open Democratic nomination for the fall election.

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On top and in the text of the press release are photos of Rich Garling, candidate for state representative against Mark Beaubien. Robert Kaempfe and State Rep. Mike Tryon are seen in the middle photos. Kaempfe is on the left and Tryon on the right–not deliberately. It just turned out that way.

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