Message of the Day – Dancing

Both of the women associate pastors at the First United Methodist Church of Crystal Lake have encouraged dancing in church.

Maybe they are remembering how Miriam danced for God in Moses time.

Oh, we have splendid dancers on the altar, but I think former Associate Pastor Ronnie Verboom, now senior pastor at Baker Memorial Methodist Church in St. Charles, and current Associate Pastor Darneather Murph-Heath have been disappointed that congregates don’t express their joy more physically.

Last Sunday a little boy was moving with the beat at various times in the service. He was marching back and forth in his pew down front right in time with the music.

After the sermon, he started dancing the main aisle.

His sister joined him.

It was a joy to watch their expressions of joy.

The song being played and sung was “Oh Happy Day.”

You never can tell what is going to happen at Sunday’s 11 o’clock service of the corner of Dole and Crystal Lake Avenues.

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