Dave Frederick Takes on Robert Novak

And wins, in my opinion.

Frederick chides nationally syndicated Chicago Sun-Times columnist Robert Novak for not reading Tim Novak’s 3—part series on Barack Obama’s Tony Rezko’s involvement Rezko’s failed low income developments and with the purchase of Obama’s home.

Concerning the side lot, Frederick writes,

“I also take issue with Robert Novak’s contention that Obama paid “above-market-value” for a slice of his side yard.

“Obama paid exactly one-sixth of the price Rezko paid six months earlier for a sixth of the lost. Selling a sixth of the lot to Obama serverely restricts any opportunity Rezko or any subsequent owner of the lot would have to ever build a comparable home on the now undersized lot.

“The sale destroyed the value of the separated lot and removes any notion that Rezko purchased it as anything other than a favor to Obama.”

Veterinarian Frederick sounds like he could pass the test for Certified Illinois Assessing Officer.

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