The City Hammer Over the Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce

To say I was surprised that the Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce would roll over and play dead when Mayor Aaron Shepley announced that a 75% sales tax hike would be imposed one week–that’s just S-E-V-E-N days–from last Tuesday is an understatement.

Having the highest sales tax in McHenry County will be still another incentive for people in McHenry County to head south to Lake in the Hills and, especially, Algonquin to their superior shopping areas.

So, why might the head of the protector of things business in Crystal Lake tell Jim Butts of the Northwest Herald,

β€œ’I can see both sides, frankly,’ said Gary Reece, president of the Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce. ‘I hate to be a fence-sitter.’”

Take a look at the pictures of the Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce office building.

Do you notice that it is in a city-owned park?

Anyone know what the rent is?

Might a city father have explained the rent situation if the Chamber of Commerce actively opposed the outrageous 75% sales tax hike?

Just asking.

Probably nothing that blatant.

Providing a more business-oriented perspective to reporter Butts was Woodstock’s Dave Vite, President of the Illinois Retail Merchants Association:

β€œIt will cause shoppers to change their shopping patterns.”

Pretty obvious, it seems to me.

Vite also reminds people, and, perhaps, local merchants, that people can shop over the internet and often pay no sales taxes.

= = = = =

Business folks and citizens who don’t want the city council to raise the city sales tax 75% should email each of them.

  • Ralph Dawson,
  • Cathy Ferguson,
  • Dave Goss,
  • Brett Hopkins,
  • Ellen Brady Mueller,
  • Aaron Shepley, and
  • Jeff Thorsen


Put the council member’s name in the subject line of each email.

Click to enlarge any photograph.

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