Bean Bends Under Greenberg Attack

Yesterday, McHenry County Blog published a press release from 8th congressional district Republican challenger Steve Greenberg to Democrat incumbent Melissa Bean.

Greenberg pointed out that it was illegal for foreign nationals to contribute to congressional (or, for that matter, presidential—remember the Chinese donations to President Bill Clinton in 1996?) campaigns. Greenberg even sent a copy of the $1,000 invitation, which was published her yesterday.

Today, Greenberg issued a press release reporting that Bean had realized the error of her ways.

She is no long holding her $1,000 fund raiser from at the home of Chicago’s Serbia’s Chicago Consul General Desko Nikitović.

She’s moved it.

Here is the press release:

Bean Acknowledges
Ethical Mis-step;
Moves Questionable
Serbian Fundraiser

Ethical questions raised by independent
reformer Steve Greenberg forced venue change

LAKE ZURICH 3/18/08— Melissa Bean was forced Monday night to relocate her unethical fundraiser from the home of the Serbian Consul General Desko Nikitović.

The event was billed as a dinner with a minimum of a $1,000 per plate price, a highly questionable move in light of Bean’s sponsorship of H. Res 445. The legislation shares the same position as Vladimir Putin against America’s recognition of an independent Kosovo.

As a reward for sponsoring this legislation, her campaign was given the opportunity to have fundraising events at the home of the Serbian Consul General, but Bean changed the event venue her after she was questioned by the press on this highly dubious activity.

“We need reform in Washington, not members of Congress like Melissa Bean who raise campaign cash in unethical ways from foreign interests and then lobby for those interests on the floor of Congress. This is a perfect example of why voters have no confidence in the Congress,” said independent reform candidate Steve Greenberg, the GOP nominee in Illinois’ 8th district.

Greenberg Campaign Manager Brad Goodman added,

“Steve Greenberg has repeatedly asked Melissa Bean to withdraw her resolution that stands against America and return the over $24,000 she has received from the Serbian Unity Congress, which has denounced America and denies genocide in the Balkans.

“Additionally Ms. Bean planning a fundraiser at the home of the Consul General of a nation who stood by and did nothing when extremists set ablaze the American embassy and who removed their ambassador to our nation to protest our recognition of Kosovo as an independent nation, smacks of the type of arrogance that voters are sick of. The American people have had enough of this type of unethical, Jack Abramoff-type behavior in Washington.”

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