A Lesson in Canadian Health Care

For all those folks who think that Hillary Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s visions of health care are for you, consider this story.

The granddaughter of an acquaintance and her her family live in Canada.

The granddaughter and her mothers came to Illinois to visit this Easter.

But, it wasn’t to celebrate the Holy Day with the family.

It was because the granddaughter’s toe got hurt.

It wasn’t healing.

Her mother took her to her Canadian pediatrician.

The pediatrician said she had to see a specialist. The wait was so long and the mother cared so much about her daughter that she decided to come south for medical care.

In order to prevent the long delays the Canadian system entails, the little girl came back to Illinois to see a specialist.

Maybe if the Democrats impose a similar system next year, we can go south of the border for better care.

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On top is the Health Canada home page.

Oops, it looks like another photo got posted by mistake. Later this week, you will see how I used to symbolism of Keely Cat’s doing his duty. Since it might be appropriate for this story, I left it in.

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