Keely Cat Has Sense of Foreboding

Keely Cat is worried about the Crystal Lake sales tax hike.

“Up 75%,”

he hears Cat Daddy mumbling.

Catkins is wondering if he needs to go back to the bad old days of keeping watch for the McHenry County Republican Cat Tax Collectors.

Keely Cat led the battle to kill the bad old Cat Tax.

And, he succeeded.

Oh, he hears Cat Dad give credit to Lyn Orphal, but he knows what made Cat Tax presenter Tina Hill use the words “Cat Tax” in her county board speech.

Will Crystal Lake Mayor Aaron Shepley send Sales Tax Inspectors to make sure Sales Tax has been paid on cat food Cat Daddy feeds him in the early morning hours.

And, what is a “receipt?”

Catkins is trying to relax on the top of his cat jail next to the window.

But he is wondering if something more terrifying than the monster created by that little big person he sleeps with will soon come peering in the window.

It’s really scary!

Should he be looking for hiding places again?

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