Will Catkins End Up in Jail?

Keely has been worried since Cat Dad came home from another one of those meetings a week ago.

He hears Cat Dad talking under his breath in front of the flat light wall while Catkins is trying to convince Cat Dad to pick him up and scratch under his ears.

No luck late at night a week ago.

“Mayor Aaron Shepley and his 75% Sales Tax increase,” Cat Dad kept muttering under his breath.

“What to do?” Keely thinks.

Is this another Republican Party Cat Tax?

“How serious is this threat?”

“Do I need to start for hiding places again?”

“Should I contact my allies?”

“Will I end up in cat jail?”

“Where will Cat Mommy buy that generally delicious food in the little cans, if Cat Dad says, ‘Don’t shop in Crystal Lake because we don’t want to pay Mayor Aaron Shepley’s Sale Tax?’”

“There are all sorts of questions.”

“But, hey, I’m just a cat”

“I know most about sleeping.”

“What does Cat Dad mean when he talks about ‘eternal vigilance being the price of freedom?’”

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