They Don’t Use Tasers on Cats Do They?

Keely Cat has been reading that Mayor Aaron Shepley and the Crystal Lake City Council voted unanimously to buy 25 Tasers the same night they voted 6-1 to raise their sales tax 75%.

He wonders if there is any connection?

When Catkins was fighting the McHenry County Republican Cat Tax, he kept looking for those rabid bats that the county board was trying to protect him from.

They won’t even let me go in the garage when I hear a critter in there.

Cat Mommy says my paws get too dirty.

Keely thought it would be fun to go bat hunting on the second floor, but he could never find a bat, rabid or not.

He laid in wait, but to no avail.

“Why did Crystal Lake buy Tasers the same day they hiked the Sales Tax?”

Keely wonders.

“Are they going to send Crystal Lake Police into Lakewood to make sure we keep buying cat food in Crystal Lake?”

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