Don Manzullo Beats Robert Abboud in 16th Congressional District Primary Election

There was “Sturm und Drang” in GOP circles when the primary election results showed that Democrats were getting more votes than Republicans.

This showed that the early voting results had predictive value.

Democrat Robert Kaempfe, a veteran and retired postal union official topped Crystal Lake’s Republican State Rep. Mike Tryon.

The only Democratic Party candidate for countywide office, Dave Bachmann, received more votes than incumbent Republican Coroner Marlene Lantz.

The Democratic Party tide was not uniform in McHenry County.

In fact, in the only district that attracted enough Democrats to make a primary election necessary to select county board challengers, more Republican than Democrat votes were cast.

Taking a look at the county by county results in the 16th congressional district cannot have been the best news for Democratic Party challenger Robert Abboud. Abboud is the village president of high income Barrington Hills.

When he spoke to the McHenry County Democratic Central Committee about three weeks before the February 5th primary election, he had high hopes of unseating Don Manzullo, the seven-term incumbent.

But look at the results below:

Winnebago County even went for Manzullo.

There, you have to add the results for Rockford with those for the county, but, when you do, Manzullo got 24,6298, besting Abboud’s 23,343. Manzullo received 53.6%.

I guess having had a family restaurant with you last name made a lasting impression.

And, I guess Abboud won’t be able to use the primary returns to fortify his fund raising efforts as much as if he had beaten the incumbent.

Although he undoubtedly did better in McHenry County than any previous Manzullo challenger.

The same goes for total for the entire 16th district.

Districtwide, the unknown 2004 Democrat got 34,141 to Manzullo’s 59,507 in the primary elections. Manzullo got 63.5%.

In 2006, the totals were 27,749 to 60,440. Manzullo got 68.5%.

Note that Manzullo got 5,364 more votes than he did two years ago. Democrat Abboud, got 22,810 more votes than the highest number the previous two primary elections.

And, now the two power party candidates have a third party challenger from the Green Party, McHenry County College Trustee Scott Summers.

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