Kane County Board Decides on 82%-15%-3% Split of RTA Half Percent Sales Tax: Roads-Law Enforcement-Contingency

The week before last, the Kane County Board decided how to spend the RTA sales tax dollars that no collar county board member has to take any heat for.

82% will go to transportation, 15% to public safety and 3% will be set aside in a contingency fund, according to an article by Steve Lord that I found in Elgin’s Daily Courier-News.

On April Fool’s Day, the RTA sales tax increased 300% in the collar counties–from one-quarter of one percent on everything sold to three-quarters of one percent–thanks ultimately to three Republican DuPage County state senators. (Thanks to State Senator Carol Pankau for not caving to the pressure!)

All of the collar county’s share would have been earmarked to road improvements, except for State Senators Dan Cronin’s, Kirk Dillard’s and John Miller’s having caved to pressure from DuPage County State’s Attorney Joe Birkett and County Board Chairman Robert Schillerstrom’s influence.

Both men have statewide ambitions and I, for one, will not forget how much they are costing me every year. “Tax fighter” is not a descriptive word either can use accurately. “Tax Hiker” fits perfectly.

They were supporting a local sales tax increase to pay for law enforcement and it was so, so much easier to convince those three state senators to vote to divert what would have been road money than to gain actual voter approval.

The real winner was the Chicago Transit Authority, as the Sun-Times headline amply reveals.

I estimated that McHenry County’s annual cut was about $9 million.

The Illinois Revenue Department told me that money would start flowing to county treasuries this summer.

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The pictures of the McHenry County Board were taken the night that the McHenry County Republican Cat Tax was defeated, I believe.

If I were on the McHenry County Board, I would allocate all of the new money to roads, by the way.

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