Message of the Day – A Fisherman

This fisherman in Cornish Park at Crystal Creek where it enters the Fox River caught a big one before I talked to him and took this picture.

He knew he had hooked something significant.

But the rod was just too light.

I asked if it might have been a big catfish.

He thought it could have been a northern pike.

Never can tell with the river so high.

Like any good fisherman, though, he didn’t give up.

I went to take some pictures of the river and the dam at Algonquin from Route 62 and on the way back saw his reflection in the creek and took this photo.

“Will my picture be in the newspaper?” he asked.

I burst his bubble by introducing myself and telling him I had a “Message of the Day” on my blog and had used fishermen before.

He wasn’t the only one on the Fox.

That’s for sure.

The photo can be enlarged by clicking on it.

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