Bloomington-Normal Junior College Minor League Baseball Stadium Go or No Decision Expected Tuesday

Heartland Community College President Jon Astrorth does his MCC President Walt Packard imitation at next Tuesday night’s board meeting, according to the Bloomington Pantograph.

That’s the day when the board is predicted to decide whether to move forward with a minor league baseball team or not.

The story by Randy Reinhardt says the college will have proposals in hand.

Well, imagine that.

More than one proposal is being allowed consideration.

Guess that won’t be a imitation of how Packard froze out all competitors to Pete Heitman and his secret band of rich investors.

The article has this revealing part:

“Heartland would contribute money it had earmarked for its own complex and the town will be involved in infrastructure financing. But ownership groups have been made aware of the limit to which their efforts will be subsidized (emphasis added).

“’Some have been less than enthusiastic (about that),’ said Astroth. ‘But more than one serious group is pursuing it under the guidelines we set out with very limited funding.’”

And the McLean County stadium would have to be more versatile than the McHenry County Board required of its stadium developer from what Heartland President Astroth told the Pantagraph:

“We have said in meetings this has got to be multi-sport for us. If (after the construction of a stadium) we would still have to have a soccer field, a practice soccer field and a softball field, that doesn’t get us very far.”

The evaluator, the MCC counterpart of Mark Houser, if you will, on the project is Mike Thiessen.

Competition is waning on the part of the American Association, leaving bidders from the Frontier League and the Northern League.

Isn’t it interesting that Heartland Community College is allowing competition, but McHenry County College would not?

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