Heartland Community College Baseball Stadium Moving Forward


McHenry County residents never heard that word in connection with the minor league baseball stadium that McHenry County College’s board of trustees tried to foist on us taxpayers.

But that word is in the first sentence of Bloomington Pantagraph reporter Randy Reinhardt’s article about Tuesday’s Heartland Community College board meeting.

Consultant Mike Thiessen says they came in “right at the sweet spot.”

How refreshing that a junior college minor league baseball stadium consultant might be looking out for the best interests of the college, rather than looking out for the best interests of his buddy, a baseball promoter.

There are three stadium bids to seat 3,500 to 4,500 (expansion possibilities to 6,000) costing $10 to 11.5 million.

College President Jon Astroth says the $1.7 million Heartland had intended to spend on its own sports facility could be used to subsidize the minor league effort. Or, even more, since the college stadium came in at $3.3 million—way, way over the expected price.

Visible stunned,” is the way Peoria Journal-Star reporter Steve Stein put it.

And if it costs more?

“They have no place to pass the cost to. It’s a private entity. And there will be opportunity for the town to contribute,” said Alan Sender, Baseball Committee Chairman, according to Peoria’s WEEK-TV.

Unlike the MCC situation in which college board members would have had us taxpayers holding the bag.

The bids are connected to the Frontier and Northern Leagues.

Illinois State University is building a 1,000 seat stadium for $3 million, the article says.

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