McHenry County Children’s Museum Surfaces

McHenry County seems to have reached critical mass for specialized private children’s facilities to be popping up like flower in the spring.

We have followed the development of the Wonder Lake Technology Center. (Town meeting coming up on Thursday May the 29th at 7:00 PM.) While it has expanded its mission to serve older folks, its original conception was aimed at teens.

Gigi’s Playhouse has opened on Route 31 near McCullum Lake Road.

Now comes a vision for a Children’s Museum, compliments of an email from one of my son’s Camp Invention buddies’ mother.

Let me let Sandy Cassidy speak for herself:

“I am sending this to literally everybody on my email list to let you all know about a project I’m involved in and so completely excited about!

“I am on the planning commitee for a new Children’s Museum that is going to be built in McHenry County. We’re in the very early phase of planning right now. It might be years before there’s an actual museum – but the ball is definitely rolling!

“There is a board of 6 amazing people working very hard to make this happen. They’re including people like me on the planning committee, a diverse group of people that want to see this happen for the children of our area!

“The idea was started by Patty Werber, a retired preschool teacher. She saw the need for a facility like this in our area. As it is now people have to drive at least an hour in any direction to take their kids to this type of place. The children of McHenry county and the entire Northwest suburbs are going to benefit from this so much!

“Our dreams are HUGE!

“The plan is for our facility to be at least 35,000 square feet, completely accessible to ALL children, near a park or nature center, and as GREEN as possible. There will be fantastic hands-on exhibits for children to learn thru play. (The very best way for young children to learn!)

“Right now the board is working on obtaining our non-profit status.

“Then the fund-raising will begin. We’ll be looking for people and companies that want to give big. If you know of a company that would like to be involved with this project – please, let us know! We’re looking especially for companies that would like exhibits, rooms, or even the building to have their name on it. But we’ll need small donors too. Please pass this information on to everybody you know that might be interested in becoming involved!

“Also, we’re looking for people! If you’re in a profession or have a talent that you think would benefit the creation of a Children’s Museum, please come on board! We have lawyers, artists, an architect, teachers, moms, dads, grandparents, nuns, computer programmers, accountants, businessmen, but there will be so much to do. As Patty said – ‘This is going to take an ARMY!’ The more we get the word out to the people and businesses in the community, the closer we are to making it happen!

“I hope some of you are excited about this as I am – Please contact me or Patty if you have an ideas, or if you’d like to become involved. And I’ll keep you all updated as we make progress towards our vision!“

Cassidy lives in Lake in the Hills, and I said, I got this because she has my email address.

President of the McHenry County Children’s Museum is Patty Werber, who lives in Huntley.

“Please encourage your readers to e-mail me at for information about the next public meeting.

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