Greenberg Raising Funds for Bean Challenge

The following press release was received from the Steven Greenberg campaign concerning a fund raiser held on May 15th:

Greenberg Fundraiser Nets $175,000

Reception raises record single-day amount for campaign

LAKE ZURICH 5/16/08 On Thursday, May 15th the community put their collective stake in the ground to claim the 8th District for the people. By joining together to raise over $175,000 for Republican Nominee Steve Greenberg’s campaign they made it clear that the families, taxpayers and seniors of the district demand independent leadership and a representative who will be a voice for them in Washington.

“I’d like to thank Dick Stephenson, Bob Mayo and Michael Steele for their support and for hosting this amazing reception,” said Greenberg. “And to the many people who became stakeholders in our mission today, I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude. They made an investment in the future of our district and became part of our team, and I am honored to have their support.”

The reception was hosted by Richard Stephenson and Robert Mayo at Stephenson’s home in Barrington on Thursday, May 15th. Former Maryland Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele was the keynote speaker at the event. Said Steele, “The future is bright for our party and our nation because you are going to send someone to Congress who gets it.” He continued, “What an honor it is to be here to support Steve Greenberg, a true public servant. We have found a leader.”

Hundreds of people attended the event and pledged their support online, including many local elected officials from throughout the district. Greenberg concluded, “This was such an exciting evening. I am so grateful for the amazing people who have stepped up to the plate to support our mission of cutting taxes, eliminating wasteful government spending and providing proactive, independent leadership for our community.”

Seen left to right in the photo, supplied by the campaign, are Bob Mayo, Michael Steele, Steve Greenberg and Dick Stephenson.

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