Mike Tryon Takes on Gas Prices

State Rep. Mike Tryon has a clever gambit in his latest press release about “soaring gas prices.”

He quotes Northwest Herald General Manager and Executive Editor Chris Krug in the first paragraph.

That might get a mention in McHenry County’s dominant daily newspaper, don’t you think.

A Call to Action: Relief from Soaring Gas Prices
House GOP Continues to Demand a Vote
to Address the Rising Cost of Gasoline

Like watching a ticking time bomb, Illinois residents are watching their hard-earned money being guzzled up at the gas pump. In a column by Chris Krug of the Northwest Herald, he said that “McHenry County residents have the fifth-worst commute in the country and spend, on average, more than an hour a day driving to and from work.” As gas prices continue to rise, some hard-working families are wondering if it will soon cost more to get to work each week than they are actually taking home in their paychecks.

Last week, gas prices hit an all-time high, reaching $4 per gallon in Illinois. Five years ago, gas prices in Illinois were slightly over $1.50 per gallon for unleaded regular gasoline. Economists are predicting that the prices at the pump will continue to soar. Additionally, with the high price of gasoline, the cost of everyday essentials like groceries, household appliances, and anything and everything transported by truck or air, will continue to rise as well.

The skyrocketing costs of fuel are not just seen at the gas pumps in Illinois, this is a global problem being created by the rising cost of crude oil. However, Illinois is one of only ten states that impose a sales tax on motor fuel, and its tax rate is one of the highest in the nation. Therefore, Illinois motorists are paying more for fuel while the state continues to increase its revenues from the high taxation rate.

During these tough times, I believe that it is imperative that the state should take steps to reduce the tax burden on our citizens. That is why, I am co-sponsoring House Bill 6318, which would suspend the state’s portion of the sales tax on motor fuel (5%) effective immediately through September 15, 2008. This legislation would save consumers and businesses more than 17 cents per gallon at the pump on gas priced at $4 per gallon. If you are a two-car family who fills up your 17-gallon tanks once a week, that’s a savings of $23.12 each month.

Unfortunately, the Democrats who control the House Chamber have refused to call House Bill 6318 for a vote. Speaker Madigan’s excuse for keeping gas tax relief stalled in the House Rules Committee is that the state can’t afford the lost revenue.

When in reality, suspending the state’s gas tax would stimulate the economy by allowing consumers to spend their money on other taxable items.

If you are tired of having all of your money guzzled up by the cost of gas, call the members of the House Rules Committee and urge them to release House Bill 6318 for a vote. Contact information for the members of the House Rules Committee can be found here.

I will join my House Republicans colleagues in pushing for a vote tomorrow to help hard-working Illinois families save at the pump. Please email my office at mike@miketryon.com if you would like to be added to a petition supporting the temporary repeal of the State Gas Tax. Please make the subject of the email the following, “I SUPPORT THE TEMPORARY REPEAL OF THE STATE GAS TAX.”


Mike Tryon Takes on Gas Prices — 1 Comment

  1. What is with the Republican Party thinking that all problems are solved with a tax cut?

    Now, I sure would like to reap the benefit of a $0.20 savings per gallon, but it’s not realistic thinking. With a small reduction in the price of gas (tax holiday), the demand for gas stays high (or goes-up) and that spurs gas retailers to raise their prices to meet the growing demand. The net result is no savings.

    Didn’t we do this a couple years ago? Didn’t we realize that gas tax holidays are not effective in saving money for consumers?

    Though they are effective at giving a politician with a November challenger a forum with which to serve-up some feel-good pablum to those who don’t have the time or energy with which to dig deeper.

    Even if a Gas Tax Holiday were effective, Tryon’s numbers are mysterious. Here are mine:

    @$4.00 gallon, savings = $0.20 (5%)
    @17 gals/wk, savings per week = $3.40
    Savings per month = $14.73 (that’s weekly savings * 52 / 12)

    $14.73 per month is nice, but c’mon… Why not do something useful for the state of Illinois. A Gas Tax Holiday proposal is just a cheap way to get your name out there. Typical.

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