Message of the Day – Bubbles

BIG bubbles.

These were produced in Washington Park in Springfield, Illinois, during a playing hooky day for the kids of three families.

Grandfather Marty Walter always beings toys for the youngins when we go down for the Old Capitol Art Fair.

Kites, a blown up pizza disk and bubbles were the hits this year.

We went on a picnic on Friday.

There were all sorts of school age youngsters there. I asked a group why they were not in school and the answer was, “We’re on a field trip.”


That’s what we were doing, too.

We were taking a field trip to the Children’s Tent at the Art Fair and to the Illinois State Museum where a crotchety “greeter” brought one of our girls to tears for using her water bottle to wash her hands.

“We don’t throw water in the State Museum. Empty it in the bathroom!”

But the bubbles were fun, whether enormous or small.

Next time, we’ll remember glycerin and Dove liquid detergent, which are supposed to make the big bubbles easier to make.

For a really big look at the bubbles, click on the pictures.

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