Former Homeschooling Harvard Residents on Fox at 7:45 AM Tuesday to Urge Boycott of Subway

Too early for me, but my guess is that most folks are up at 7:45 Central Daylight Time. Maybe my hard working wife will tape it for me.

Cathy Peschke confirms that the Peschke family will appear on Fox and Friends:

“It is official. We will be on Fox and Friends tomorrow morning (Tuesday) 6:45 eastern time. They want Anastasia to be on too. She is a 3 year old so who knows if she will cooperate.”


Subway, the sandwich folks, are running a contest.

But, homes schoolers need not apply:

“Contest is open only to legal residents of the Untied (sic) States who are currently over the age of 18 and have children who attend elementary, private or parochial schools that serve grades PreK-6. No home schools will be accepted.”

Jim and Cathy Peschke moved to New Hampshire from Harvard last year, where they immediately got involved, objected on their blog, Citizens for Reasonable and Fair Taxation – CROYDON. (Old web site still up and useful.)

Before moving, they were the scourge of local school district tax hikers.

Here’s what they wrote:

Subway says “No” to Homeschoolers for their “Every sandwich tells a story contest.”

The following story was sent to Subway.

“The smell of fresh baked bread coming from the store was so good that…

“I had to ask Mommy and Daddy to go in and look around. Baby brother smiled as he saw the fresh toppings piled high on the bread.

“I thought I’d practice reading. Being only three years old, this would not be possible in public school, but my parents homeschool me because they love me so much. I’ve been reading for almost a year now!

“Daddy suggested I read this sign about a special contest for children who love to write. It was fun to read, and I couldn’t wait to enter! I’m a good writer no matter what, crayons OR markers!

“But then mommy made me cry. She told me I couldn’t enter because homeschoolers were not allowed. I didn’t know why Subway was so mean, until I remembered that most public schooled kids don’t write half as well as me.

“I cried and cried, and asked Daddy if we could leave. He said,

‘Certainly. Not only will we never visit a mean old Subway store again, we’ll organize a B-O-Y-C-O-T-T of Subway stores by all your homeschooling friends!’

“I sure hope Subway changes their silly policy so Mommy and Daddy can take me back for more sandwiches.”

Jay Baggett of World Net Daily picked up on it and wrote a story, which, I guess, Fox found and followed up on.

So, tune into Fox and Friends tomorrow morning and see Subway get some deserved bad publicity.

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Cathy and Jim Peschke’s daughter waves at a float at the 92nd annual Newport Winter Carnival. Now, she and homeschoolers nationwide will be waving “Bye-bye” to Subway sandwiches.

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