Harvard Milk Day Parade 1 PM Saturday

Although this photograph of Harvard symbol, Harmilda, the cow, is almost two years old, it will have to do.

The annual Milk Day Parade is today at 1 PM.

Harmilda stands at the head of Ayer Street, which is whitewashed each year to make it the “Milky Way.”

When I was a Young Republican in the late 1960’s, we were loaned a baby elephant named Tuffy. It was owned by Tuff-Coat, a Woodstock paint company and kept between two buildings in town.

The role I chose was walking behind the elephant with a snow shovel.

You can image why. We had a wagon for interim deposition.

I got the idea from something that happened at Oberlin College.

In my senior year, I was chairman of the Republican Mock Convention.

A circus came to Cleveland, which was about 30 miles away from the campus. It decided some publicity might result by bringing an elephant to Oberlin.

The elephant and media were standing out in front of the little house where the convention was headquartered.

The elephant took a dump.

Right on the sidewalk.

I rushed up to the porch, got the show shovel and cleared the way.

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