Politics and Union Dues

Here’s an interesting comment from Jameson Campaigne which was posted under my Huntley School District 158 teacher union dues article on Illinois Review.

I thought you and area teachers might like to read it.

Cal — As you well know, most of the NEA/IEA money goes to politics, not to representation on wages and working conditions issues.

When given a chance to opt out of paying for the politics portion of their dues (under the Beck decision of the Supreme Court and referenda passed in states like Washington), teachers opt out and union dues drop by about three quarters.

Keep in mind also that it is not just “teachers” who are paying these dues; it is also the vast administrative bureaucracies of most schools.

Defunding the NEA/IEA political-financial arm of the Democratic Party ought to be top priority of Republicans everywhere, since this is a civil rights issue (close to a majority of the nation’s teachers — not bureaucrats — are Republicans whose dues money is spent on a party and candidates they oppose). The American Conservative Union has had some success in lawsuits against the NEA along these lines as well.

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