Tornado Siren Sounds

Great way to be awakened right before one AM.

A wailing siren.

Channel 7 said a tornado warning had been issued for northeastern McHenry County.

The last time I learned the siren had gone off because of an electrical malfunction.

I wonder if that was the case this morning.

Then, as I falling back to sleep, two Lakewood fire trucks showed up on Lake Avenue with lights flashing through our bedroom window.

When I went out, I discovered a third down Meridian Street.

Smoking dryer, I was told.

Had a nice visit, though, before coming inside to write this. I was told there was a tornado that had hit Kirkland, which is located in three townships into DeKalb County on the Boone County border. It was in my legislative district during the 1970’s. But I couldn’t find anything about it on the intrnet.

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