Algonquin Dam Wide Open

That’s as one would expect, I guess, but I thought you might like to see what I saw this morning. Above you can see it is wide open.

The flood level seems to be about at the same level as it was Tuesday night when I took this twilight photo with, obviously, no tripod.

Compare the photo above with this one from today. Click to enlarge the dusk (or any) shot.

Here is a closer look of the water coming over the dam looked like.

The water level seems to be about the same– maybe a tad lower– than it was Tuesday night.

I make that judgment by comparing the amount of the river that was coming out of the storm sewer next to the park by the fake farm implement store four days ago with what is there now. When the park isn’t flooded this is the building where the bathrooms are located.

The prairie flowers in the riverside were lovely, almost stunning. But you know my color blind eyes see yellow and blue probably as well as you see all colors. (Those flowers are blue, aren’t they? I find others tell me some flowers, like Queen of the Prairie, which I was positive was blue for decades, is really pink. So, if that is pink behind the yellow, I’ll cope with correction.)

Just in case you want to be able to show kids how high the water was, here’s a picture taken across the closed riverfront park.

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