$10 Million MCC Referendum Surfaces

Tucked away in an application for state financial assistance for McHenry County College’s request for assistance from state taxpayers is evidence that referendum approval for $10 million will be sought.

That’s the source of local funds for Phases One and Two of the college’s “Master Plan.”

To provide the local funds needed for Phase One –$3,947,000– the college board proposes passing a referendum.

$11.5 million is being requested from state taxpayers.

Phase One calls for

  • a Health Careers Center
  • Math and Science and General/Computer/Virtual Classrooms
  • Food Service/Dining Improvements
  • 46,400 more square feet; renovation of 3,100.

The Health Careers Center is said to be “driven by employers who need qualified health care workers to address demands for services within the district.”

But, that’s not all.

The college board apparently intends to ask permission to borrow another $7.1 million from us voters.

$21.2 million is expected to be paid out of your state tax dollar pocket.

That’s for Phase Two.

It will consist of

  • a Bookstore
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Learning and Student Support Services/Administrative/Development
  • Health/Wellness/Athletic Center
  • General/Computer/Virtual Classrooms
  • Human and Public Services

85,300 square feet here, plus renovation of 9,700 more.

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