State Payments Behind to Community Colleges

If McHenry County College is any indication, the State of Illinois has community colleges on the “slow pay” list.

In a report from MCC President Walt Packard, he notes, “State revenue is currently 76% of budget compared to 99% of budget last year.”

He points out that payments were almost $580,000 short of what the college had received through May of last year, “due to a timely delay in the distribution of the fourth quarterly payment from the State.”

Two comments are made by Packard that relate to the failed baseball stadium effort. Neither, however, explicitly mention the baseball stadium.

Legal fees are up. Earlier Legal fees are co-mingled with other contractual services, which are over $668,000 higher than last year.

The college has refused to reveal how much was spent on lawyers’ (not) replying to Freedom of Information requests.

Capital expenses are up over $293,000. Want to bet that a lot were for the baseball stadium?

The board meets tonight at six. Note that the board packet was not posted at 4:30 PM on Monday, 25 and one-half hours before the Committee of the Whole meeting was scheduled to begin.

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