Huntley Teachers’ Contract Pay Anomaly

The current teachers’ contract in Huntley District 158 started an interesting practice.

You could call it “double pay.”

Because they get paid twice for some of the time they are on the clock.

Of course, a Huntley teacher’s clock is 7 hours and 45 minutes with a paid thirty minute lunch period included in that. So, there are 7 hours and 15 minutes available for work.

The Huntley teachers have a great double standard working for them.

The Huntley elementary teachers are expected to show up for work thirty minutes before classes begin.

This thirty minutes is basically free time for the teachers. It is part of their 7 hours and 15 minutes time on the clock.

Subtract the pre-school time and lunch break and it appears they have a six hour and 15 minute work day.

If you think it would be part of the teachers’ work day to supervise the students from the bus in the morning as part of this 7 hours and 15 minutes on the clock, well, you would be wrong.

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