Dog Days and Zombies Have Arrived

Not having gone to journalism school, I only have what I have read about how hard stories are to find once summer comes.

Actually, I think it was late summer.

People go on vacations, so there are fewer people to write about the same number of stories. Local news makers go on vacation. Meetings are canceled.

I’m sure the Northwest Herald covered the real story about the Puffer Fish Poison Guy. I read it online yesterday after I wrote my three stories on what was contained in the affidavit of FBI Special Agent Mark R. Mahoney.

It is what was contained in the affidavit of FBI Special Agent Mark R. Mahoney. I worked my fingers to the bone re-typing parts of it yesterday, which you can read here:

Puffer Fish Toxin Guy Had Empty Poison Vials, Needles and Book Telling How Much Needed to Kill People

Puffer Fish Toxin Man Seeking Murder of Woman in 2006

Bachner Connection to the Murder Request: “I was bored.”

But, when I went to the Northwest Herald’s main page this morning this is the featured article I saw about Edward F. Bachner:

Considering it mentions Bachner right at the top of the story, you might think the Lake in the Hills man was buying Tetrodotoxin or TTX to create zombies or to practice voodoo.

Read the article carefully.

There is no connection to the case that I can find, except to chemical.

I think this is the most significant part of the story:

“Authorities declined to comment further…”

Anyone wonder why?


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  1. The only link is that the neurotoxin was mentioned in a book (then movie) called “The Serpent and the Rainbow.” I think the NW Herald is trying to drum-up some more interest in this story – as if the story needs more drumming-up.

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