Full Page Spread on Thomas Jefferson Dinner at Crystal Lake Restaurant "1776"

Elgin’s Daily Courier-News devoted the entire front page of its July 2nd Living section and more to Andy Andresky’s celebration of the “culinary loves,” as Mike Danahey’s article puts it, of Thomas Jefferson.

1776 is our favorite restaurant.

It’s right on Route 14 east of the water tower in the middle of a park.

The “Jefferson’s favorites,” prepared by Chef Santiago Suarez, will be served on July 4th and 5th in honor of the man who was the main author of the Declaration of Independence.

It’s billed as

“The Thomas Jefferson Historic
1803 White House Dinner”

And, Jefferson had a huge wine cellar, just like Andresky.

$18, for the 3-course “commoner” dinner or the $44 for 6-course “land gentry” offering.

I say, “Splurge!”

You’ll never have mac and cheese at a better restaurant.

(Yes, thank Thomas Jefferson for that dish. It’s one of my son’s favorites. I’ll have to pass than along.)

And, if you are looking for a book with a heavy Jefferson overlay, read Brad Thor’s latest—“The Last Patriot.”

You do remember that Jefferson is the first American president who took on the Islamic fundamentalists, don’t you?

“Shores of Tripoli” and all that.

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