Governor Releases 2003 Jack Franks’ Patronage Request Memo

“Ask and you shall receive.”

Jesus said that, but it’s pretty good advice, regardless of what you want.

It is obvious that if one does not ask, one will not get.

So, when I saw on Capitol Fax Blog that Governor Rod Blagojevich (D-Chicago) was attacking State Rep. Jack Franks (D-Marengo), I called the governor’s press office.

I asked for the memo.

And I got it.

The Jack Franks partonage request memo to Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

Daily Herald reporter John Patterson started his story this way:

“On the same day a suburban lawmaker suggested it’s time to officially consider whether Gov. Rod Blagojevich should be impeached, the governor produced a memo showing that lawmaker recommended family and friends for state jobs.”

Let’s remember the high hopes that Democrats statewide had when Blagojevich took office.

He had picked up on Franks’ bulk purchase of prescription drugs campaign. Franks told me at about the same time this memo was sent that he was working closely with the governor’s office on legislative language.

So, it is not surprising at all that Franks would have sent a memo with names of supporters for whom he wanted the governor to give appointments.

I have published above a copy of the memo FAXed to me by the governor’s press office. You can enlarge it by clicking on it.

But, I’ll re-type it to make its contents easier to read.


To: Margaret Houlihan

From: St. Rep. Jack D. Franks

RE: Positions with Gov. Blagojevich Administration

DATE: February 27, 2003

The following are individuals who we had requested be considered for jobs with the Blagojevich administration. They are prioritized as follows:

  1. Deborah Wolf Franks for a commission;
  2. Herbert H. Franks for a commission;
  3. David B. Franks, a non-paid position with Boxing Commission;
  4. John Bartman, a position with IDOT;
  5. Michael Dalessandro, position as Highway Maintainer with IDOT;
  6. Judge Erin O’Connell-Diaz, position with the Illinois Commission;
  7. Nancy Vazzano, managerial position with any public service department;
  8. Fred Shay, management position, primarily Info Technology and IDOT Aviation;
  9. Susan Van Weelden, Commission;
  10. Bill Clow, any public service department;
  11. Mary Kennedy, any public service department

Patterson wrote,

“Franks said three of the 12 were appointed to posts or got a job, including his father, who was named to an unpaid post on the Illinois Courts Commission. Franks’ father is the former president of the Illinois State Bar Association and Rep. Franks said he’s ‘eminently qualified.’

“Franks was unsuccessful in recommending his wife and brother for state posts.”

Erin O’Connell-Diaz, a Bull Valley resident was appointed and reappointed to the Illinois Commerce Commission.

Former McHenry County Democratic Party Chairman John Bartman got a job with the Illinois Department of Transportation.

Click to enlarge the memo’s image.


Governor Releases 2003 Jack Franks’ Patronage Request Memo — 2 Comments

  1. That’s disgusting.

    The guy’s got balls.

    Too bad he doesn’t use them to go to Springfield and vote for the people.

  2. We need to paper this town with this memo.

    T-shirts anyone?

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