Independence Day Effort in Wonder Lake to Create Wonder Lake Library District

Wonder Lake is a large community, but it is divided as far as school and library districts and townships go, not to mention the lake.

The east side is in McHenry Township and McHenry High School District 156. The west side is in Greenwood Township and Woodstock Unit District 200.

The Woodstock library serves the west side, while the east side pays taxes to the McHenry Library District.

There is little doubt that Wonder Lake is short-changed as far as library services go. The libraries are just too far away.

Jeff Gerhardt is spearheading a campaign to create a new library district that will be centered in Wonder Lake.

He and others are planning to pass petitions to put such a question on the ballot during the water sky show, the 4th of July Parade and the fireworks. He can be reached for details at 630-637-1234.

Gerhardt sent me extensive information on it which I have not posted in a timely manner. If you are interested in details, they will appear in four installments starting today (see below).

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