No Cowering for Keely

That’s the thought that came to mind as I read this No Cowering for Keely

Not tonight.

He’ll be veggin’.

Although the fireworks barge is still near the outlet on Crystal Lake, tonight will be less worse that one of our recent thunderstorms as far as noise goes.

No BOOM-BOOM-BOOM to scare Keely Cat.

Oh, there will be fireworks—on Saturday, July 5th.

But they will be so far away that they won’t bother the cat.

They’ll be in Lippold Park on Route 176 west of Route 14. I remember people used to park on 176 to watch the fireworks on the lake, so maybe people will watch them from the lake this year.

I know the lights for the ball fields really light up the sky. I wonder if they will be turned out for fireworks.

In order to get you in the mood, here’s the article I wrote last year about the Independence Day celebration:

As I looked at where the boats out on Crystal Lake to watch Sunday night’s fireworks, it stuck me as pretty funny.

Usually, they are at beyond Lakewood’s Gate 7, maybe Gate 5. This time the wind was blowing so hard from the northeast that the leading edge of the boats was pretty much even with the pier where we dock our boat at Gate 9.

So, no reason to take the boat out to watch the fireworks.

Last year I had just gotten my new digital Canon Rebel as a birthday present from my wife.

She was tired of my spending so much money on film.

I sat on the pier and braced the camera against the post and had a grand old time.

I’d click a picture of the fireworks and look at it on the small screen on the back of the camera.

The photos looked alright to me.

But, when I enlarged them, some looked like coral.

That was because the camera moved so many times while the lens was open.

This year I brought my Christmas tripod. It’s a heavy-duty piece of equipment.

I set it up in the sand at the water’s edge, set the exposure and started clicking away.

The results were far superior to last year’s.

At one point it seemed that the north side of Crystal Lake was on fire. I wondered if something unplanned had occurred.

But, the fireworks continued.

The fireworks were paid for by the proceeds of the Crystal Lake Gala, by the way.

The one above looks like one of the Hubble Telescope pictures of deep space. Note the red clouds, which could be solar dust in another context.

I saw a pyramid of exploding rockets.

Multiple galaxies disintegrating.

Koosh balls and pin wheels in the sky.

Fiber optic bundles.

A palm tree with really spiky leaves.

Blue stemmed cat tails.

A galaxy exploding in only two directions.

Neon colored tubes.

A scalloped shaped image.

A space station exploding.

A white thistle.

Feathers looking like the top of a palm tree.

Gold, blue and white koosh balls.

Lights of a plane in the sky above the fireworks.

Finally, one where you can definitely see how hard the wind was blowing from the northeast. It was a cold wind that had our family wrapped in blankets, wearing sweatshirts and anything else they could find that would keep them warm.

All of the photographs of fireworks can be enlarged by clicking on their images.

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