Ozinga, Sauerberg and Oberweis Summer Ads

Dr. Steve Sauerberg has a straight forward campaign ad on WBBM-AM for his Republican campaign for U.S. Senate against incumbent Democrat Dick Durbin.

Here’s what it says:

“I’m Dr. Steve Sauerberg and I approve this message:

“The symptoms – gas prices spiraling out of control, a healthcare system on the verge of implosion, and families struggling to make ends meet.

“The diagnosis – a total failure of the career politicians in Washington- like Dick Durbin.

“The Prescription for Change – new solutions, new leadership and most of all a new United States Senator.

“Steve Sauerberg is anything but a career politician. Dr Sauerberg is a dedicated family man, a small business owner and a family physician.

“Dr. Sauerberg’s prescription for change?

“Relief at the pump by reducing federal gas taxes, expanding domestic oil production and taking the cap off the strategic oil reserve.

“Common sense healthcare reform that will empower individuals, not big corporations or the government.

“And more money in your pockets by cutting your taxes.

For more information about Dr. Steve Sauerberg and his prescription for change go to: www.drsteveforsenate.com

“Paid for by Sauerberg for U.S. Senate.”

I also caught a WBBM Radio ad for Ozinga, the concrete ready mix company.

Can’t say I ever heard one of them before.

Now, it may just be a coincidence that Marty Ozinga is the Republican candidate for congress to retain the seat that Jerry Weller is vacating, but, maybe not.

Ozinga is not a well known name, so radio ads for his concrete company can’t hurt his campaign.

If that’s the purpose, the Ozinga ads are not as blatantly beneficial as the ones that U.S. Senate and gubernatorial candidate Jim Oberweis ran.

Ozinga does not play an active role in his company’s radio ad.

The relationship of Jim Oberweis’ company’s ads to his campaign was challenged by the Sangamon County Democratic Central Committee Chairman. Oberweis did a cost-benefit analysis and concluded that paying a fine was cheaper than paying attorney fees to defend his position that the television ads were unrelated to his political campaign.

This summer’s Oberweis ice cream ads do not feature the candidate, as they did two years ago.

No need. Getting his name out is no longer a problem for congressional candidate Oberweis.

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The photos of Dr. Steve Sauerberg leaning over Illinois Family Institute Board member Jim Finnegan and the one looking up were taken at the June Pro-Life Victory PAC pig roast at Resurrection Center. The photo of Jim Oberweis talking with McLean County GOP Chairman John Parrott was taken at the Illinois Republican State Convention in Quincy.

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