Part 1 – Shannon Lingenfelter’s Reasons for Keeping Serial Killer Mark Smith Behind Bars

McHenry County has its infamous serial murderer—Mark Smith.

He comes up for parole from his 500-year sentence every three years. McHenry County State’s Attorney Chief of Criminal Prosecution Nichole Owens testified that he should be kept in prison last month. Here is Part 1 and Part 2.

Today, we hear from a relative, Shannon Lingenfelter. She is murder victim Jean Ann Lingerfelter’s neice. (I have added paragraphs to make it easier to read on the screen.)

“Attention: Parole Board for Inmate Mark Smith IDOC #C-10587

“June 2, 2008

“To Whom It May Concern:

“My name is Shannon Lingenfelter (Pezekus).

“Jean Ann Lingenfelter WOULD have been my Aunt. She was my dad’s sister.

“Let me tell you a little about how I grew up being in this family after Jean Ann was killed.

“My dad and grandparents never wanted to tell me about what happened to her. All they would tell me was “she was killed.” My dad would never, eve talk about it.

“Whenever Mark Smith would come up for parole, there would always be an article on the front page of the newspaper about it.

“My grandparents would call at the crack of dawn telling my parents to hide the paper so I wouldn’t see it.

“So, basically growing up I never knew or heard about the gory details that were involved with the way she was killed.

“One day, when I was in 6th grade, some of my friends were at the McHenry library. They called me from the pay phone to tell me about this book they had found.

“There was a picture of this girl in there that was killed and they told me that she had the same last name as me and bears a striking resemblance to me.


“Well, as most of my family members do not know, I did get my hands on that book.

“I read that thing from cover to cover, appalled the entire time that this man could one day be set free.“

Part 2 tomorrow.

For those wishing to communicate to the Illinois Prisoner Review Board should send letters about inmate Mark Smith, the address is 319 E. Madison, Suite A, Springfield, IL 62701. Be sure to include Smith’s inmate number: C10587.

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