Borling Support of Abboud Probably Didn’t Surprise Manzullo

I don’t usually look at Federal election contributions, but I pulled up 16th congressional district Democratic Party candidate Robert Abboud’s records and found something interesting.

2006 write-in candidate and John McCain National Convention Delegate John Borling has give Abboud $2,300.

The first contribution was made September 30, 2007.


Another thousand was given December 31, 2007. Sounds like a last minute before the filing deadline contribution, but I don’t know Federal campaign reporting deadlines.

Another $300 showed up February 5, 2008.

For those of you who don’t remember when the Illinois primary elections were held, that’s the day.

So, Congressman Don Manzullo knew that Borling was strongly supporting his Democratic Party opponent well before the “official” endorsement press release was sent out.

Trust me.

Each candidate checks who makes contributions to the opponent.

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The picture on the top is of John McCain National Convention Delegate John Borling. On the left in the picture at the bottom is Congressman Don Manzullo talking to his challenger Robert Abboud.

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