McHenry County Democrats Out Raise Republicans

During the first half of 2008, the McHenry County Democratic Party Central Committee raised $2,300 more than the Republican Party Central Committee.

The GOP took in $19,351, while the Dems raised $21,648.

While raising less, the Republicans spent $1,629 more.

The GOP spent $18,691, while local Democrats expended $17,062.

And, where do they stand as of July 1st?

The Democrats had $14,016 in the bank, while the Republicans reported $2,749.

Not included in the Republican total, of course, were net receipts from Play Day, held last week.

Republicans spent $9,186 on fund raising expenses for the Lincoln Day Dinner at the Operating Engineers Local 150 Lakemoor Banquet Hall, plus $3,600 on salary for its Executive Director Geri Davis.

Democrats spent $7,030 I can identify on their Jefferson Day Dinner. None that I can identify was spent for salaries.

About $5,400 was reimbursed to Lake in the Hills’ Michael Bissett for various printing, mailing, and other expenses. Bissett is District 5 McHenry County Board candidate Paula Yensen’s husband. He apparently plays the unpaid role of “work horse” for local Democrats.

Interestingly, $1,145 of the amount reimbursed Bissett was spent on literature, presumably for the benefit of candidates, although that is not supported by the report.

I can find no similar expenditure that would directly assist candidates in the GOP totals for the first half of the year.

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