Huntley Teachers Want ALL Those Tax Dollars

If a school district has a surplus of tax dollars, it belongs to the teachers.

At least that is what I would assume from reading what the Daily Herald’s Jameel Naqvi reported was said by Huntley school teachers’ union spokesman Britt Crowe.

Here’s Crowe’s statement:

“The district is running up surpluses in their budget. We feel that that’s because they’re not paying us competitive salaries.”

Please play the refrain from “Feelings” at this point.

“Where did that come from?” my 11-year old asks as the song plays.

“Get rid of that.”

For better or worse, too many government decisions are based on “feelings,” rather than logic.

Spending down the Huntley School District 158 balance to the point where another 55-cent tax increase will seem necessary is not logical.

Regardless of what the Huntley Education Association’s hired IEA gun says.

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