Crystal Artist Robert Stewart Displaying Works Saturday

Oakwood Hills’ artist Robert Stewart is holding an open house this Saturday in Cary from 11-4 to show off his new work and personal collection.

Stewart specializes in crystal boxes.

Maybe ten years ago, I saw some of his big crystal boxes and they are spectacular.

A photo just cannot do them justice.

Two designs resulted from special requests from yours truly.

One was for a heart-shaped box to give my future wife way back in 1990.

Another was the cross box.

If you want to see his splendid work, the address is 115 Cary Street in Cary.

If you are looking for a spectacular gift, here’s a place to look.

It’s too bad that I can’t stop over.

That’s the day for my son’s 11th birthday party.

Drive down Lakewood’s Lake Avenue and you won’t be able to miss it.

= = = = =
The boxes on the window sill are in our price range. Unfortunately, there was only intermittent sun as I was taking the pictures. When the sun strikes Stewart’s boxes rainbows show up on the ceiling. The ones shown here were in our price range.

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