Waiting for the HEA; Union Still Seeking Over 30% 3-Year Raise

Neither the Huntley teachers union nor the school board of Huntley Unit District 158 are willing to share details of their revised proposals, but Friday the school board a five sentence statement concerning negotiation with the union. It follows:

Press Release From: Board of Education
Date: July 25, 2008
Re: Union Negotiations

The Huntley Education Association’s (HEA) latest counter proposal was made on July 14 and included a three-year raise in the areas of salary, TRS, and insurance of over 30%.

The Board of Education made a counter economic proposal to the HEA on July 16 and has yet to receive a counter proposal. The Board continues to await a counterproposal from the HEA so that the negotiating process, relative to the big three money items, can continue.

Discussion on contract language continues. The HEA language proposals contain a number of other economically significant items (several with open ended costs) that are not covered by salary, TRS, and insurance.

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