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14th congressional district Republican candidate Jim Oberweis delivered a blow to the intolerance of academia Tuesday night.

It was on the Family PAC cruise when he handed DePaul University Conservative Coalition Vice President Nick Hahn a check for $1,000 to help defray the $2,500 cost of security required by university officials before co-founder of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Chris Simcox was allowed to talk, according to Justine Perry.

Hahn’s group suffered what Peter Labarbera calls “the hecklers’ veto.”

We saw it at the Holiday Inn when Rosanna Pulido’s Illinois Minuteman Project tried to bring Allen County Ohio Sheriff Daniel Beck Crystal Lake. Crystal Lake Police wanted the Minutemen to pay for security it thought was needed for a planned demonstration against the meeting on Route 31.

Go figure the logic behind such a decision.

I can’t.

Pulido finally got a venue at McHenry County College and didn’t have to pay for security, although there was plenty of it. Potential demonstrators were isolated.

There’s more information about Hahn’s accomplishments at the very, very liberal DePaul, nominally a Catholic university, in this Wanderer article by Tom Roeser.

He’s obviously having a ball!


Message of the Day – A Check — 4 Comments

  1. An interesting point.

    The rowing regatta was a sporting event, rather than a free speech issue, however.

  2. The rowing regatta was a sporting event, rather than a free speech issue, however.

    Nonstarter. Both were arbitrary events with potential risk to public safety. You can’t castigate one and defend the other and NOT be labeled a hypocrite.

  3. For some reason, rusrus’s comments reminded me of the time I tried to reason with a drunk. He had fallen off a wagon after being sober for nine months. After about five minutes, I just told him to Shut Up! And he did.

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