Republican U.S. Senate Candidate to Be on WTTW Tonight

In a fit of “equal time,” even though it’s not required by Federal law, Channel 11’s “Chicago Tonight” will feature an interview with Republican United States Senate candidate Steve Sauerberg tonight at 7.

Incumbent United States Senator Dick Durbin was interviewed last night.

It will be rebroadcast at 1 and 4:30 AM, just in case you miss the 7 PM broadcast and want to record it or in case you have a hacking cough and can’t get to sleep, which happened to me Saturday night.

See story seeking volunteers below.

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The photo is of Steve Sauerberg attending the Pig Roast thrown by the Pro-Life Victory PAC at Woodstock’s Resurrection Center this summer. He is seen talking to the Illinois Family Institute’s Jim Finnegan.

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