McHenry County Mud Puddle – Part 2 – The Funeral Home Dave Bachmann Started

In the first Mud Puddle article, I outlined some ancient history from my 1966 campaign for McHenry County Treasurer. In the primary election, my Republican opponents’ supporters hinted not to subtly that I was a homosexual.

Recently, a most efficient way of spreading negative political comments is the comment board under Northwest Herald articles and letters.

The Crystal Lake paper is a relative newcomer to handling anonymous commentary.

It has not learned the lesson that led Elgin’s Daily Courier News to ban anonymous political call-ins which, in its case, were transcribed and printed on the editorial page.

The Courier News decided that people wanting to praise or bad mouth a candidate had to write a letter to the editor.

Now, I know adopting a similar policy at the Northwest Herald would cost it internet “hits.”

But it would help McHenry County return to relative civility in political campaigns which has been lacking since

A supporter of Marlene Lantz, McHenry County Republican Party candidate for and incumbent McHenry County Coroner, calling herself “EllenM” on the Northwest Herald comment board left the following comments under a letter supporting Lantz’ Democratic Party opponent Dave Bachmann.

“Here is what ‘EllenM’ said about me, Bachmann emailed me:

“ellenm wrote on Jul 21, 2008 9:11 AM:

“I suspect there is a non-compete scenario with Bachmann Skaja. That could explain why David is out of a job and looking to the County to support him. Three pieces of silver to sell the family practice. Was it all worth it?”

Bachmann’s reply, when I asked him about it:

“My son wrote this, after I told him to….

bufordpusser wrote on Jul 21, 2008 9:33 AM:

“…you can call Jim Skaja, there was a 5 year non compete agreement, expired in 1996. Daves dad never owned any part of daves funeral home. These are the facts. keep it coming.”

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