Mud Puddle – Part 3 – Charging Dave Bachmann with Being "a Druggie"

Saturday, I outlined the first outrageous rumor about a candidate which the candidate, Dave Bachmann, was willing to allow McHenry County Blog to debunk.

It was about the Crystal Lake funeral home Bachmann started some time before my mother was killed in a 1987 truck-car crash at the intersection of Dean Street and Route 14 (the trucker was coming down the hill doing 60 MPH) and sold in 1991 to Jim Skaja.

The “let’s set the record straight” idea came to me when I reflected on the rumor supporters of my 1966 GOP opponents for McHenry County Treasurer spread about me.

The anonymous “EllenM” had a second rumor the Northwest Herald allowed her to float about Democratic Party candidate for McHenry County Coroner Dave Bachmann on behalf of incumbent McHenry County Coroner Marlene Lantz’ campaign for re-election.

“EllenM” quotes Bachmann’s son, who posts as “bufordpusser,” on Jul 21, 2008 9:16 AM:

“As far as your ‘unemployment’ statement. dave has worked in a position over the years, that resulted in many white collar convictions of those he investigated. This is all that can be said. In the process, he had received grave injuries, 6 spinal operations, gun shot, stabbing, a total of 17 major surgeries.”

EllenM then adds,

”A possible druggie who didn’t want to pay his bill? What did you expect? 17 major surgeries, are you sure you are suitable to work as Coroner? Stop the BS David, you are killing me (not literally of course).”

The reply from Bachmann’s son on the comment board follows:

bufordpusser wrote on Jul 21, 2008 9:33 AM:

“We enjoy the opportunity to address all nonsence: dave bachmann is willing to present, in person, to the chief editor of the NW Herald, to provide factual proof, physical evidence of said injuries. As soon as he returns to the area in August. if mr krug cannot see the evidence, bachmann will drop out of this race. We put our money where our mouth is…”

A subsequent commenter, “skepticall,” wrote:

on Jul 21, 2008 9:44 AM:

“ellenm, This has gone way beyond concerned voter. You sound like you have a real ax to grind,

‘possible druggie who did’t pay his bill’.

“That is way over the top.”

Over the top does not begin to describe a charge that a political candidate is a “druggie.”

I cannot fathom why the Northwest Herald would open itself to a libel suit.

I talked to Bachmann about the challenge (his son delivered) to show his scars to the Northwest Herald’s Chris Krug. He told me Krug had not taken him up on the offer, then, suggested I take a look.

As you can see, this guy has scars over the trunk of his body. It would astound me if he had been able to recover from the operations without pain killers. Trim, too, but I guess that might be expected of a former Crystal Lake Babe Ruth pitcher.

The most visible scar, shaped like a frown, is from Bachmann’s cancer operation.

I saw a scar from a bullet on the left side of his stomach. Here it is:

I saw a scar from a knife wound a bit farther to his left side. It’s below:

Both shoulders have operation scars. Click to enlarge any of the photographs for a better view of the scar or scars.

There are scars on his back, including two down his spinal cord (close-up picture included; click on it to enlarge it). The upper midline scar is on what is called the “Thoracic Spine;” the lower would be “Lumbar Spine”:

Intestinal scars?

I saw two gut scars, one horizontal, one rising to the right:

So, wouldn’t you like to know the stories behind all of these scars?

Here’s a before-the-scars-healed photo of his bilateral total reconstruction from 2000:

Had any resulted in Bachmann’s arrest, I assume that Lantz supporters would have made them public by now.

Maybe Bachmann will write an autobiography. Looks as if it might make interesting reading.

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Mud Puddle – Part 3 – Charging Dave Bachmann with Being "a Druggie" — 11 Comments

  1. Well, I can see why David would be on government assistance/disability for the last 15+ years. Must be hard to get up in the morning, let alone run for public office. Must have been on alot of pain meds. after the surguries. Nice tattoo though. What this has to do with his qualifications for public office and his crazy rant in the NWH remains a mystery. See the NWH letter to the editor (by Tom Popovich)and read David aka Bufford Pusser’s comments and form your own opinions.

  2. The purpose of this series to articles is to allow candidates to reply to rumors.

    Nothing more.

  3. So he has some scars… Why is he refusing to answer how he got knife and bullet wounds? He is running for public office and he wants to brag about scars and imply some investigative positions and security clearances to boost his credibility yet refuse to answer what positions or experience these speak to. Why all the smoke and mirrors and weird “James Bond” like implications about what he has been doing for the last 15 years.

    It’s really easy, stop blaming everyone else for the mystery and speculation on Dave’s employment and just come out and say what he has done. That would be so much easier than of these cool mystery novel like implications. Do you really think we should set the bar where public office holders can refuse to give 15 years of employment history (especially in law enforcement)?

  4. Cal,
    You repeat the quote;
    “As far as your ‘unemployment’ statement. dave has worked in a position over the years, that resulted in many white collar convictions of those he investigated. This is all that can be said. In the process, he had received grave injuries, 6 spinal operations, gun shot, stabbing, a total of 17 major surgeries.”

    Let’s make it easy. Is Dave claiming as part of his experience for this law enforcement position a “secret” job with security clearances where he was responsible for many convictions that caused all these injuries?

    I would suggest that if he had such a “secret” job that he was not allowed to speak of, then he would not be allowed to speak of the injuries, security clearances, and convictions this “secret spy” position entailed let alone use them as talking points in a political campaign.

  5. Love the new concept for the blog Cal. I think you should rename McHenry County Blog to Scarred Politicains… what’cha think. Maybe we could see some of Marlene’s scars next just to be fair and balanced. Maybe you could have a competion like which McHenry County Politicain has the most scar tissue… or maybe longest scar… or who’s scar most resembles Abe Lincoln. Can’t wait to see what David John Bachmann aka Bufford Pusser yet has in-store. Maybe we get to see his x-rays or colonoscopy vidoes next, maybe even dental records. But I bet one thing for sure, it won’t be his resume with jobs listed!

  6. WOW, this is interesting. Sunday was such a lovely day to be out and about with family. My family and I spent our beautiful day at Lake Geneva.

    John, has again, missed a great day. He and “Jack” stayed in on the computer all day I see.

    Let me respond this last time. My campaign has been clearly and plainly placed out into public domain since last October. Cal’s blog has it all documented. This has been my intent so that when these type “attackers” and Lantz supporters began using MY “Family Oriented Campagin, of “education as to what a “Coroner really does” to re-fuel its Feb. Primary hate campaign.

    Again, I have been a private citizen my entire life. Ms. Lantz has been on the county payroll since 1980 having been paid about 2 million tax dollars. She was nowhere to be found as people were dying in un-profound numbers at the Woodstock Residence, just a few city blocks from her own office. I provide clear evidence of this case on my web sight.

    Ms. Lantz supporters, have also taken a “portion” of my statement about a very accomplished attorney, Mr. Thomas Popovich. They took a “snipit” from what was a “complete” statement, copied it, then placed it on the NW Heralds comments section under Dan Regna’s recent entry. They did this to “smear” Mr. Popovich.

    Im not surprised as “John” did the same thing to me, then send me an email threatening Blackmail and Extortion to my campaign.

    At any rate, here is my response to what was stated here.

    Just to be clear. Although some might ask, why did Dave come out and do this. Its because I have integrity in truth. I don’t have to hide, I dont have to smear my opponant or call people to write in articles to the NW Herald on my behalf. Clear minded intelligent people, if they read my ENTIRE web sight, will see the TRUTH. Its easy to base a conclusion as Mr. Popovich has done. He does not have to personally know me. The facts are in clear documented writings. This is why I have provided Cal with so much information. So it can be set forth at times such as this.

    My Response:
    Proponent’s of Ms. Lantz have been writing to the NW Herald’s comment section that I have been “Unemployed” and or on “Unemployment”?

    I am asking these person’s to please bring me a single instance of proof, that I EVER, since I began raking leaves and mowing yards, at the age of 9 to earn my own money, collected a single dime from any unemployment agency.

    I categorically reject such slanderous and libelous statements and clearly state. I, David John Bachmann have NEVER, sought, made application to, nor accepted any form of “Unemployment Benefits”, ever. I am a self made person. Since I was old enough to use a broom, I have always made my own way in life.

    Statements are also being made that I had a changing bio on my blog. I have made recent changes to shorten my blog writing’s. I now have a live video available to my voters. My blog has changed to make it more user friendly to navigate to stories.

    In the period of April 1994, through present day, the body of my work has been broadly utilized by numerous attorney’s. Additionally, Law Enforcement Agencies, State and Federal Governmental Law Enforcement bodies, including United States Attorney’s.

    I mention this only because Marlene Lantz supporters, have placed numerous writings on comment boards that the NW Herald provides as I have previously stated in the first “rant” lie. Ms. Lantz supporters are trying to run the same “Smear” Campaign that Lantz was behind and endorsed in the Feb. States Attorney’s primary.

    I have been called a “Druggie”. A druggie would infer I am a drug dealer or have been involved in some kind of illegal narcotic activity. These claims are preposterous and show the caliber of person’s Ms. Lantz has supporting her. This on top, of her supporters clear show of bigotry and racism towards my wife and children. This was also allowed and posted in the NW Herald on-line sections.

    I make mention of my activities over the years, to show the following only. That in no way, are Ms. Lantz supporters assertion factual. I have been provided “Federal Security Clearance” upon more than one occasions since 1991. (You can’t get that being a “Druggie”.) My mention of my “work product” is NOT to be taken as any campaign “talking point”. It’s a “Statement of Fact” to deflect the libelous and slanderous attacks by Ms. Lantz supporters against myself, my family and my campaign. To view more of my work product, please visit; WWW dot PROFESSIONALLETTERS dot BLOGSPOT dot COM

    I remain a current, licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer. My qualifications for the office of Coroner, as provided by Illinois State Statute, actually exceed the mandates.

    Keeping in mind, your local shoe store owner may run and become your coroner. Please view my live video for the mandates of office vs. a Medical Examiners office mandate. These are two very different systems. The Coroner utilizes resources that your tax dollars have already paid for, on an as needed basis. I will NOT build an unnecessary resume at the expense of our tax payers. My resume is already clearly defined and will well serve this office as it stands.

    My professional and PERSONAL records, remain SPOTLESS.

    Again, we stand ready to prosecute all libelous statements as we find them and identify the source of miss-information.

    or visit www dot counterintelligence dot blogspot dot com

  7. Wow, Dave.

    That’s a long way of telling voters they have no right knowing what you have been doing for the last 15 years.

    I find it really odd that a person running for political law enforcement office would challenge voters to prove what he has been doing or not instead of just coming out and telling us. Of course this refusal to be straight comes off as you are trying to hide something.

    You alone can end the speculation, so stop blaming everyone else for your refusal to be forthcoming to the voting public.

    So I’m off to work today and I was curious. If you are going to refuse to tell voters what your work experience for the last 15 years has been can you at least start by telling us what you are doing for a living now, or is that another secret we aren’t allowed to know?

  8. John also supports this kind of Racism and Bigotry that Lantz friend and supporter wrote about my wife and children in the NW Herald:

    ellenm wrote on Jul 20, 2008 4:50 PM

    Why did he have to bring back a submissive wife from Mexico? A ready made family makes great photo ops but is as insincere as the candidate. Our county residents are smart. They know. “

    You can see why my family might be a bit “emotional” and upset. The entire Bachmann Family, 40 year residents of this county, SPOTLESS Personal and Professional records in the community of Crystal Lake, LOVE, EMBRACE and ACCEPT as our own, Laura and Mauricio Sanchez. My wife Trini, is a gift from heaven to our entire family.

    I wonder why all these women writing on Ms. Lantz behalf, and sending in all the letters to the editor, are so angry with me? I wonder why these women make such statements about my wife who they don’t even know and have never met?

    OH, on my previous post, I did want to use the word “PROFOUND”.. as I described Ms. Lantz missing ALL those Deaths…

  9. David aka Bufford Pusser misses the point again… it is not up to his critics or opponent to find evidence or proof of what he did or did not do in the past 20 years. The burden is his, when you are applying for a job, or as in this case running for public office. Enough with the unemployment benefits talk too… What people want to know is whether he is fit and or capable to work as the county coroner. Accordingly, if he was on say, disability (not unemployment) for the last 10-20 years that would be a relevant and important detail in answering that question. But alas, he leaves it up to his critics to try and prove what it is he has been up to the last 20 years or so. Good luck with that Dave.

  10. To be fair Dave I would like to see a little proof that “John” supports racism and bigotry, as those are heavy accusations to be thrown around by someone who we the voters could become liable for.

    Secondly, you neglected to mention ellenm only responded with the quote you copied after you/your NWherald login/your campaign attacked her by calling her “a jaded lover”, “same person you were in High School”, “we know who you are”, “illeducated”, “bigoted”, “unmedicated”, “vote lantz were not interested”, ” your uneducated assertions”, “jealous”, “Would you like dave to make “lifestyles” an issue for ms. lantz? He has to much class to go there, trust me”, and finally you/your login/your campaing called her one of Lantz’s “girlfriends”(your parenthesis here).

    Trying to paint yourself as the poor victim of an unwarranted attack when the quote you took from ellenm was after she was called all that is disengenoius. The initial reaction of dismissing a critical female voter as probably “a jaded lover” as an initial response is just downright disgusting.

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