Harvard Referendum Details Made Public

In the “field report” made by Diane Evertsen after she attended the Harvard School Board meeting to complain of the district’s having rented Harvard Junior High School for use by the Mexican Consulate for four days, she revealed that a referendum was pending.

Now Jenn Wiant of the Northwest Herald has spelled out the details in an article.

$20.7 million for an elementary school. The vote was 6-0.

Estimated cost – “$42.50 a year for each $100,000 in assessed property value.” $100,000 in assessed value would equate to a $300,000 home.

There is another sentence, however, that makes me wonder if that $100,000 really refers to actual value. Here’s that sentence:

“’ The citizens, parents and staff of the Facilities Task Force made it very clear to us that they wanted us to keep the cost of the proposed school to less than $100 per year for the owner of a $200,000 home,’ Superintendent Lauri Tobias said.”

Notice that the school superintendent does not say for a home assessed at $200,000, which would be worth $600,000, because assessments are one-third of market value.

There was no press release on the district’s web site, so no way to find out over the weekend.

22 acres of land will be donated by Dan Hereley through the Evelyn Hereley Trust. It’s off Marengo Road.

Barrington architect Ruck Pate will use a design used previously. My guess is that it will not be built out of energy efficient Solar Crete.

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