Hey! You Think We’re Going to Reward a Whistle Blower?

Let’s assume everything is on the square at the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board.

OK. Forget about the fixing of the new hospital that Wisconsin’s Mercy Health Care System wanted to build in Crystal Lake to compete with local biggie Centegra Health Care System’s dominant hospitals in McHenry County.

Governor Rod Blagojevich appointed a new board, didn’t he?

Problem solved, right?

No reason to be suspicious when Naperville’s Edward Hospital gets turned down for the third time, right?

“Edward contends that the hospital is necessary because of the area’s rapid growth and because one-third of the patients at its crowded Naperville campus come from the Plainfield area,”

Chicago Tribune reporter James Kimberly reports.

Edward Hospital admitted projecting that Will County would grow.

Naughty. Naughty.

“…acting health facilities board Chairman Susana Lopatka said population projections are not certain to materialize and even if they did, there would be insufficient demand to support a new hospital by 2015.”

Naturally, nearby hospitals objected.

Just as they did in McHenry County.

Irrelevant, of course, is that Edward Hospital CEO Pam Meyer Davis blew the whistle on Stuart Levine’s little shakedown game.

Oh, yes.

“…the board and its staff became contentious at times.”

I’ll bet.

The only cure for this regulatory agency is abolition, something I tried, but failed to accomplish in 1993.

No chance of that now.

We are in the age of “government knows best” again.

Maybe we’ll end up with another warehouse full of basketballs that won’t get given to Chicago kids, just like I was told two days ago that we had in Chicago during Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society.

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