Democrats Embrace Non-Union Holiday Inn for Barack Obama Party after Spring Jefferson Day Dinner Boycott

I’m confused.

I thought the McHenry County Democratic Party moved its annual Jefferson Day Dinner last spring from Crystal Lake’s Holiday Inn to Sun City’s Prairie Lodge to protest the Holiday Inn’s not having workers who belonged to a labor union.

It just occurred to me that last night McHenry County Democrats gathered at the same Holiday Inn to watch U.S. Senator Barack Obama accept his party’s nomination for president.

But, I’m confused.

Why was it unacceptable to hold the Thomas Jefferson Day Dinner at the Holiday Inn this past spring, but it is OK to hold the Barack Obama nomination blow-out there a couple of months later?

One holdout from the McHenry County Dem party is Dave Bachmann, candidate for McHenry County Coroner.

Bachmann provided this statement to McHenry County Blog:

“Strong ‘Core Beliefs’ are not beliefs that you stand on from time to time based on a ‘Political Wind’ or for photo or press opportunities.

“The facts that caused the McHenry County Democratic party to pull out of its plans for its annual Jefferson Dinner Party Fundraiser to be held at the Crystal Lake Holiday Inn are still in play today.

“It is ‘unconscionable’ to me that Kathy Bergan Schmidt, the McHenry County Democratic Party Chair, has shifted her position, so soon and so easily, by supporting this Historic Event being held at a facility she just months ago chastised for its lack of supporting a Democratic cause.

“She allowed the official McHenry County Democratic web sight as access for publication of this incredible, historic national event. The same web sight, just four short months ago, she utilized to publicize her distaste for the Crystal Lake Holiday Inn venue.

“This election is about Integrity and standing firm on core beliefs that the American workers should be supported unconditionally.” Bachmann stated.”Rather than sacrifice my core beliefs and values towards our hard working American men and women, I will not attend this event.”

I confirmed that the Holiday Inn is still a non-union employer.

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Democrats Embrace Non-Union Holiday Inn for Barack Obama Party after Spring Jefferson Day Dinner Boycott — 1 Comment

  1. OK, if the group McHenry County for Obama wants to meet at a restaraunt in McHenry County to watch an Obama speech can you give me a list of County restaraunts that employ union employees? Does Mr. Bachmann stand by his principles and only dine at these restaruants with union employees?

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