PEACE4ALL “Hanging in There”

I wish I had permission to use that photo of the little kitten hanging on by his claws.

This one of a woman who just got Christmas presents for her kids they would otherwise not have had will have to do.

A client is hugging Cindy Smith after receiving presents donated by local organizations, mainly local women’s groups you can read about here.

It would epitomize the month-to-month fight for Crystal Lake’s domestic violence and rape prevention organization on Route 14 just north of the West Crystal Lake Avenue traffic light.

PEACE4ALL held a tent rummage sale on Country Club Road in mid-August.

$2,500 was raised.

Despite the fact that only one person is being paid (someone to assist the ones who do the unpaid counseling), it still takes about $3,000 a month to keep the agency open.

The rummage sale allows PEACE4ALL to stay open through September.

Fund raisers are scheduled for October and November.

Wonder why the agency should survive?

Read what it did for one woman:

“Peace 4 All is a Christian organization that has been helping me through the end of this ordeal. I wish I had known about them earlier. 

“They are a free institution.

“They assist and counsel both men and women who have been or are being victimized either physically or emotionally.

“They are non-profit-entirely dependent upon donation organization.

“Their site is The site is not very well produced. They are in need of someone to volunteer to develop a better one.)“

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