Carol Marin Notes Illinois GOP Transition

Chicago Sun-Times columnist Carol Marin notes the replacement of Republican National Committeeman Bob Kjellander by former Washington-based Assistant U.S. Attorney Pat Brady, a resident of St. Charles.

She explains Kjellander’s and his fellow Springfielder Bill Cellini’s connection to the Tony Rezko trial.

Marin points out,

“A government witness testified that Rezko told him Kjellander was working with (Carl) Rove to get Fitzgerald axed.”

Both Kjellander and Rove denied the allegation.

Kjellander displayed his good-natured self by telling Marin:

“You don’t have to sound so gleeful.”

I met Bob when I was running for state comptroller and he was Jim Thompson’s first 1982 campaign manager. He’s a friendly guy and, from what he told Marin, you can tell he has a sense of humor.

I can tell you he does not hold a grudge. When I made a mistake about him in an article, he readily accepted my apology.

Against the background of what Marin describes as “a bipartisan band of fat-cat insiders” (John Kass’ “Combine” description is so much better), she introduces Kjellander’s replacement, Pat Brady.

Although Marin does not tell what Brady said in his acceptance speech in Decatur, it would fit well into her story,

“I pledge to you that reform of the position of Republican National Committeeman of the great State of Illinois starts today.”

If you would like to learn more of Pat Brady, this article has it.

His wife Julie was State Rep. Jim Durkin’s co-chairman for the Illinois McCain committee. Her speech at the McCain rally led me to suggest that, if the Democrats do not retain Denny Hastert’s seat, she would make a formidable candidate.

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You can see Illinois Republican National Committeeman Pat Brady on the left and former Illinois Republican National Committeeman Bob Kjellander on the right.

At the bottom you see McCain Illinois Chairman Jim Durkin handing Co-Chairman Julie Brady the microphone at the Addison rally in early February.

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