Dan Duffy Reports on Campaign

Dan Duffy, Republican candidate for the state senate to replace Bill Peterson, has sent out an email reporting what his campaign has done over the summer.

Thought you might find it interesting.

Summer Interns did an OUTSTANDING job!
We have completed our summer internship program.  A total of 30 energetic, hard working high school and college students participated.  Everyone did an outstanding job and learned a ton. 

Over a three month period, the interns called 50,000 voters in the district, walked door to door, participated in all summer events…and implemented a priceless constituent’s database that hopefully we will be using for years to come. 
Thank You so much to all the great interns who have participated in our program – AND to their parents for making the big sacrifice by allowing them to participate in our program instead of getting another summer job!
Even though the college students have gone back to school, please keep in mind the high school student interns are still working after school and on weekends. 

It is a great way to get “community hours” that are required at most local high schools.  Please pass the word to high school kids you know – neighbors and friends.  Just have the students stop by the campaign office any time it is convenient.
Commercials and Mailers
We are in the final home stretch with less than 60 days left in the campaign.  Now is the time we will start seeing our campaign funds disappear.  We have been working hard and shot several commercials and put them in the “can”. 

The commercials will start running on local cable stations next week.  We have also finalized several mailings that will “drop” and start going out next week to different “targeted voter groups”.  Each mailer piece is targeted for a different audience based on our polling results. 
Keep a look out for the mailers and commercials.  Please give us any feed back you may have.  I do not want our mailers to end up in voters recycling bins before they even read them.  These commercials and mailers are very expensive and we are trying to do everything we can to make them as effective as possible.   
Saturday & Sunday Volunteers Needed
The campaign office (400 W. Northwest Highway, Barrington) will be open every weekend now until the election. 

We need volunteers to help us make phone calls, stuff mailers, put together yard signs, deliver yard signs, hand out literature at local events, etc.  We literally have 101 things to be completed each week. 

If you have an hour or two to donate to the campaign – PLEASE stop by on a Saturday or Sunday.  Just walk right in!  We can find a job that is right for you and one you feel comfortable with.  If you can let us know ahead of time when you are available, we will have your task waiting.  Please give us a call and let us know what day / time works for you!
We are kicking it up another notch!
We are kicking up our activity another notch and it has been a lot of fun.  We are walking door to door and meeting a lot of great people.  We are having some wonderful wine / cheese parties that are generating great momentum and building tremendous grass roots support…and our fundraising activity is on track. 
Endorsements are starting to roll in (Illinois Manufacturers’ Association, National Federation of Independent Business, Illinois Chamber of Commerce, etc…) and the campaign team is running like a well oiled machine. 

We are ready for these final two months and are looking forward to Election Day – but we need your help.  If we are going to be successful, we must finish this campaign on a high note.  Please look at your calendars and see if you can donate any time to the campaign on any weekends between now and the election.  I look forward to seeing you at the campaign HQ soon!!
Thank you very much for all your support!

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In the photo, you can see Jennifer Gibson, the Nunda Township Republican Central Committee Chairman, and GOP state senate candidate Dan Duffy were found at the Nunda Township picnic.

Duffy is running against Round Lake Mayor Bill Gentes.

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