Last Chance House Holding 2nd Dole Mansion Pig Roast Sunday

The residential alcoholic recovery organization called Last Chance House Last Chance House Holding 2nd Pig Roast is holding its second pig roast on Sunday. (Click to enlarge the announcement.)

After what happened last year when Italian sausage, stuffed in the Fred Pig’s belly, ignited resulting in a mid- morning response by Crystal Lake Fire Department, I’m a bit amazed at the group’s courage to try again. (If you haven’t read the story about last year’s event, let me tell you that it was one of the stories that was most fun to write.)

But, practice makes perfect.

The event will be held at the Dole Mansion Sunday, September 14th, from noon to 5 PM. The Dole Mansion is located across from (southeast of) the Crystal Lake Park District’s Main Beach.

The price is $10. 12 and under are free.

Classic rock will be played by Second Time Around. This is the same band that played last year.

I enjoyed their music.

With all the talk about putting lipstick on pigs, I would imagine this pig will not need any to taste really good.

You will notice, if you click on the poster to enlarge it, that this pig roast may not have a whole pig as was the intention last year.

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